Basic information

Basic information

The Function of a Spark Plug

The spark plug has three functions:

1: Ignite air/fuel mixture in combustion chamber

  1. Transfer heat out from the combustion chamber
  2. Seals the combustion chamber

 The primary function of a spark plug is to ignite the air and fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber. The resulting ignition in the combustion chamber forces the piston from Top Dead Centre position to Bottom Dead Centre position. Depending on the engine’s RPM the ignition occurs between 3 to 20 milliseconds. This results in kinetic energy generated by the piston pushing the crankshaft. The speed and the expansion characteristic of the combustion directly effects the mean pressure in the combustion chamber, which acts on the piston and is converted into power. The spark plug is constantly subjected to a harsh environment. The temperature inside of the combustion chamber can reaches above 1,300oC degrees and the pressures reaching over 1,000psi.

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